Korean Beauty Night Regime For Indian Skin

Although I am in my mid-twenties, I really love to take care of my skin. With stress from day to life and too busy work schedule keeps me on the toes. I cannot follow a decent diet and drink water all day. It does take a toll on my skin often, making it look dull. I have been following Korean beauty trends for quite some time now but it has always been a hassle to get those products. First, they are very expensive and second, it takes a looooooott of time for the international websites to ship in India. Finally, a handful of popular Korean brands have started being available in India, thankfully. Innisfree, The Face Shop, Dear, Klairs and others are easily available online.

Have you seen people in Korea? I mean, they are one of the people to have flawless looking vibrant skin. I am jealous! Men and women, everyone follows a very rigorous skincare routine, having 10 steps or maybe more every single day, twice.

Taking inspiration from this 10 steps routine, including Korean brands and some Indian ones, I have formulated an 8 steps Night Skin Care regime for myself following the Korean Beauty rules. These are easy and everyone can include these into their everyday life. Some of them are weekly so you can include and remove the steps according to the time on hand. It hardly takes about 30 minutes to do all the steps. Let's have a look!

Double Cleansing is the Key to do it!

From what I have observed, Koreans love to cleanse. They follow a double cleansing regime which cleans the skin deep down the pores. If something is left in one single cleansing process, it will be removed in the second.

1. Oil Cleansing

Take some cleansing oil in your palm and massage it on your face gently. Use your fingers, to gently work the oil on your skin. Do it for about 2-3 minutes so it removes all the makeup based impurities along with all the dirt from the skin. Now using the cotton wipe, remove it all gently. You will notice all the gunk it has removed from the pores.

2. Foam Cleansing

Use a gentle foam based cleanser to gently clean your skin massaging it all the way. Now gently dab your face with a towel instead of rubbing it. My favourite is The face shop and Innisfree foam face wash. 

3. Exfoliator

This you have to do weekly or twice a week. Use a good cream based or gel-based exfoliator and work it on your skin slowly to remove all the dead skin particles and blackheads. Try not to over rub it otherwise it will affect the texture of your skin. I have been using Innisfree Wine peeling jelly softner and Mandelic acid by Wishtrend.

4. Toner

Toner is a must in every skin care regime. I have recently started using Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Toner and it is just amazing. I am also using Kaya Purifying Toner for Acne in my morning routine, which is still my favourite. You have to try these! These help in refreshing, hydrating and balancing the pH level of the skin.

5. Essence 

Essence help in boosting all the goodness in your skin. My current favourite is Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C drops. It requires just a few drops and that is enough. Apply it on your skin gently and dab with your fingers to let it absorb. You will notice a visible difference in your skin after a couple of uses. This one helps in lightening and brightening the skin, working on the areas with pigmentation. My problem areas are pigmented acne spots, and it has helped a lot in it.

6. Serum

Serums help in tackling skin's problem zones along with adding a layer of moisturiser penetrating deep into the skin. I am currently using Kaya Purifying Serum for Acne. It is a good product, and I recommend it to anyone with normal to oily skin who does not like to apply moisturiser or creams on their facial skin. It is easily absorbed leaving a fresh supple look.

7. Sheet Mask

Once in a week, I use sheet masks from The Face Shop and I love it. All of them including Lemon, Lotus, Aloe Vera, Rice, Pomegranate and the Solutions range, all are my favourite. It helps in relaxing and hydrating the skin. If you have dry skin, do sheet masks twice a week and you will feel the difference. Do not wash off after using sheet mask, but gently dab on your skin to let it absorb all the leftover serum.

8. Night Cream

Once all the steps are done, I apply my Kaya Pigmentation Reducing complex night cream. It is a creamy moisturising night cream which works wonders for your skin, along with all these steps. Just apply little dots on the face and massage it gently.

It has been about 2 weeks now and I can see the difference in my skin. I just love it. It is soft, moisturised and clearer with a glow from within. Try it using Korean beauty products or use your own personal favourites. Trust me, you will love it as much as I do.

Lots of Love!!!