Kolan | An Eco-Friendly step towards Cleaner India

Is your house really clean?

This is the question which bothers almost every homemaker or clean freak in the country. We make sure every corner of the house is spick and span but what about the products that you use to clean your house? Are they safe for your family? Do they actually make your house clean or just transfer the dirt and germs from one place to another?

I used to wonder about all these things when I came across to this one brand which has targeted its goal towards making India clean, actually clean!

Harmful Chemicals in House

Most of the cleaning products used in our houses work towards cleaning the surface but after cleaning that dirt or germs are transferred to the cleaning cloth and your hands. With these, it is difficult to clean the nooks and corners where dirt can get accumulate turning that place black. You can see this in your windows, corners of the doors,  floors and grout between the tiles which has become black and dirty. It is not easy to clean these places with regular products.

Apart from this, almost all the cleaning products are filled with harmful chemicals to the brink. Whether it is your toilet cleaner or the floor cleaner, it has toxic chemicals that can pose a longterm damage to you as well as your family's health. They have chemicals like Hydrochloric acid as an active agent along with strong antibacterial agents which when touched can cause severe rashes and burn to your skin. Imagine breathing in this dangerous concoction of chemicals and touching it several times. For people with babies in the house, this is a serious concern.

Kolan comes at your rescue

Kolan currently owns 7 cleaning products which are designed for different uses in the house. From floor cleaner to toilet cleaner, from leather cleaner to wood cleaner and from specific surface cleaners to all-purpose cleaners, they have tried to include your every single need to make your house a clean and healthy place for the people living in it.

No more pollutants/ chemicals in the house

Most of the cleaning products used in the house have Hydrochloric acid, Hydroxyethyl oleylamine, Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, Ammonium chloride, Methyl salicylate, Butylated hydroxytoluene, Acid Blue 25, Acid Red 88, and other such chemicals which can pose a serious threat to your health.

Kolan products are based on the Enzyme cleaning technology that targets the dirt, germs and anything which needs to be cleaned. They are soap free, chemical free and does not contain any bleach or chlorine-based abrasives. All the products are designed using a plant-based enzyme that targets only germs, viruses and bacteria. It can work on mould, mildew and fungi as well, killing it without causing any damage to your health.

All these cleaning products by Kolan are odour free so you do not have to worry about breathing them in. This is the safest cleaning product range available in the country, apart from the water!

According to the brand

"Enzymes are proteins, composed of hundreds of amino acids, which are produced by living organisms. These enzymes are excellent biological catalysts and are very specific in nature. The "Magic" is derived from the fact that our unique multi-enzyme formula, developed in New Zealand, allows all four enzymes (Proteases, Amylases, Lipass, & Cellulases) to co-exist together. It provides a complete and hygienic cleaning solution by destroying the entire stain and odour in one application thus eliminating the need for harmful caustic chemicals found in common household cleaners. "

100% Biodegradable Eco-friendly cleaning

Unlike regular cleaning products, these do not pose any harm to nature. you can discharge the liquid after washing and cleaning without worrying about polluting the sewage or water drainage. the Enzyme present in these cleaners will keep on working on the organic matter, cleaning till the end. With its organic multi-enzyme formula it is very easy to clean the house. All you need to do is, spray on the surface, wait for some time and wipe off using microfiber cleaning cloth. You will notice the difference in just a single wipe.

You can see a visible difference in both the images, half side is cleaned while half is dirty. 

Similarly for cleaning floors, just mop the surface using your regular mops and let it air-dry. The organic enzyme will not stop working until it has killed all the germs and removed the dirt and organic matter present on the surface.

Entire Kolan Cleaning range is available on Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and PaytmMall at budget-friendly prices.

 I am switching to Kolan for making my house actually clean and pollutant free while doing my small bit to make the environment better. If you also believe in living an eco friendly organic life, do give it a try. Trust me, you will never regret it!

Lots of Love!!!