Delhi One Card | Everything You Need Know

One Delhi, One Card,

This is the motto with which Delhi Government launched their "One" card in association with DTC and DMRC. The card aims towards making the life of the daily commuters easy by giving them one payment option in both the lifelines of Delhi. This common mobility card is launched today by transport minister Kailash Gahlot at the Rajghat Bus Depot.

If you are a daily commuter here are some things which you need to about this common mobility card

What it is about?

These cards can be used to pay the fares for Delhi Metro and buses operated by DTC and Cluster scheme.  It is a common payment system allowing riders to pay in transport buses and Delhi Metro using the same card.

Where you can get it

It is right now available in all Delhi Metro counters, DTC bus pass counters and government tourism information counters.

Cost of Delhi One Card

It starts at Rs. 150. Rs. 50 will be security fee for the card and Rs. 100 will be your balance.

Where to recharge it?

You can recharge it on all the Metro counters, DTC bus pass counters and online on Paytm just like a regular metro card.

Benefits of Delhi One Card

You will get 10% discount on your bus rides as well as Metro rides using this card. This is to promote public transport and cashless economy.

Starting from today, you can purchase it from the counters. For new cards and replacement of metro cards, New Delhi One card will be available which will replace all the old ones slowly.

Issues with the Delhi One Card

  • None of the metro counter representatives is aware of its details or what it is about. While buying one, the customer care in-charge asked me, what is special about this and why is everyone buying it so suddenly today. Lack of training!
  • DTC bus conductors and drivers are unaware of any such card existing or being launched by the transport ministers. It shows that their base is not strong!
  • Handheld devices available with the DTC conductors are not equipped to handle the cards. Most of the devices will hang or stop working if one pays through it. It is annoying for the conductors on busy routes.
  • Lack of training to conductors affects the feasibility of this card.
I tried this card in 3 buses today and one refused to accept the card while rest of the two suffered from device issues. Ultimately I had to pay through cash. 

So, if you are planning to go cashless while travelling in Delhi buses, try to avoid it and keep some change with you.

I hope the Delhi Government will tackle these issues and make it a big success. 

Lots of Love!!!