The Poolside Pedicure Guide | Gorgeous toenails

Feeling a little vulnerable for showing your feet in a poolside party or beach party is something we all have gone through. Some of us can't take out time to visit salons for a pedicure but you should not allow that to stop you from having pretty feet. Getting a pedicure at home is easier than it looks. You just have to grab all the necessary tools before starting along with your favorite nail polish color. Here are easy breezy 7 steps to keep your feet looking and feeling beautiful this summer!


The first and foremost step towards having beautiful toenails is File. Gently shape and smooth out your nails. Make sure to remove nail polish from your nails before starting. 


Pick out your favorite bathing salts, calming essential oils and mix them in warm water filled in a tub. Dip your feet in this solution to soften them a bit. It will help in removing the dead skin on your feet while giving you some relax-time.


Take a buffer to remove dirt, dead skin from your feet and nails. Be gentle with it so you don't damage your skin or your nails.


Use an ample amount of quantity of moisturizer to moisturize your nails and feet. Go with the oil-free one. It will be absorbed well, giving you soft feet and nails.


Once you are done, trim your cuticles and clean each nail with nail polish remover, if there is any nail polish left on the nails. You can use cuticle oil to help you remove it properly. Do not over cut your cuticles as it can lead to infections damaging the nail bed. If you have small cuticles, just push them back.


Paint your nails in your favorite color of nail polish. You can never go wrong with a classic red or use an aqua hue for a pop of color. Or any shade that you think is best for your feet, just apply it.


Apply a drop of oil on your nails and gently rub in the finishing touch. Make sure to allow your nail polish to dry off properly before doing this step.

You can also try beautiful toenail art ideas for the pool side party.

Lots of Love!!!