Latest Independence Day Nail Art Design Trends

Showing off your love for the country in form of wearing tricolour has been a popular fashion over the past few years. From wearing Tricolour clothes, wigs, makeup, bindi, eyeshadows and wearing body paint, there is one thing which truly makes you stand out and that is Nail Art. Tricolour nail art designs are quite popular among girls and women especially during Republic Day and Independence Day. If you are looking for inspiration to do your patriotic nails and flaunt them around to celebrate the day, here are some fabulous Indian Independence day nail art ideas that you might love to try!

Flag it out!

Tricolour water marble nails!

Unique patterns for Tricolour Nails!

Bring your inner artist to some work and create some fascinating artistic patriotic nails. You can use your imagination to come up with something or take inspiration from the patriotic elements. 

Stripes Tricolour Nails

Use stripes to create vivid patterns for tricolour nail art. 

Ombre Love!

If you want to try simple nails, go with ombre gradient look for tricolour Indian nails. 

Glitter nails!

 Geometrical tricolour nails!

Floral tricolour nails!

Give your creativity a boost and create cute floral tricolour nail art designs. You can be as versatile as you like mixing and matching the colours. 

Simple Tricolour Nails

If you are not into artistic or creative nails, you can simply paint your nails in tricolour or mix match them with some muted colours or glitters. As you wish!

I hope you loved all these tricolour nails and will be trying them out on Independence Day.

Lots of Love!!!