Removing Gel Manicure At Home: DIY

Gel manicures look flawless. They are vibrant, effortless and last longer than the usual one. The gel manicure trend became so popular around nail art lovers and nail polish lovers that all of started learning it and doing it at home with those portable UV lights and fans. A lot of brands have started selling a wide range of colourful gel nail polishes with UV lights required to the ones where it is not needed at all. No matter what kind of variety you are using, if done right it can make your manicure stand out looking gorgeous AF.

But the biggest problem that arises once the gel manicure starts chipping or getting dull is the removal. You either have to choose between doing yourself or booking a salon appointment to get the removal done. We see a lot of people especially a celebrity who wear gel nails without any damage to their nails, coz it was done by a celebrity nail artist after spending tons of money. Obviously, all of us do not have that kind of money or patience to remove nail polish. So we decide to do it ourself leaving the nails looking dull, brittle and chipped.

For making your life easier, here are some simple tips that you need to keep in mind while removing the gel manicure at home.

Avoid peeling

Some of us love to peel off a manicure, no matter how hard it is to do. However, this scraping and peeling can also take off the upper layer of your nail leaving them prone to be brittle and chip. Try not to do it!

Timing is everything

When it comes to gel nails, timing is very crucial. Make sure to remove the gel manicure on the 14th-day mark. After that, the product becomes hard and difficult to remove. Also, Do not get a gel manicure in continuation. Give your nails some rest after every 2 gel manicures.

Get the right tools

Although it is wise to get gel manicure removal done professionally, you can do it at home with the right tools as well. You'll need acetone, cotton balls, foil and a wooden nail stick.

Go with Maximum strength acetone

If you are someone who loves a "non-acetone" remover, don't even bother trying it while removing the gel manicure. Like a professional, make sure to use a maximum strength acetone for the process. Rest of them will not be able to take the manicure off properly causing further damage to your nails. To avoid the fuss, you can use the over-the-counter Gel removal acetones. 

Protect your cuticles

Gel manicure removal can be troubling for your nail cuticles. Protect them from the harshness of the acetone by rubbing vaseline on your nail beds and cuticles before dipping nails in acetone or using the DIY foil wraps. 

Moisturise nails

Once done, make sure to clean up and moisturise your nails. Exposure to strong acetone can leave your nails dry prone to chips. Use nail oil and massage the nail beds, cuticles and nails properly and gently. Leave it on.

Here is an easy tutorial that will help you to take off the gel manicure at home without damaging your nails. 

Apart from this, here are three easy ways that you can also try to remove the gel nails at home

Grab A Kit

Removal kits like Red Carpet Manicure's ($13; and Nails Inc.'s Gel-Less Gel Nail Polish Remover Kit ($19; come equipped with everything you need to strip the shellac from your nails. Both work on salon-cured and DIY jobs but differ only in the type of soaking pads involved. Red Carpet Manicure's kit includes ten foils with each piece affixed to the nail surface, while Ciate's comes equipped with conditioning acetone and a gel remover pot in which you pour the solution and dip your hand in one at a time to loosen up the gel polish.

DIY Foils

If a gel manicure is a frequent treatment for you, this method might be best, as some of the kits may not include enough solution for regular removals. Pick up a bottle of acetone like Beauty Secrets' formula ($3;, ten cotton balls, and a roll of tin foil from the kitchen. Buff the surface of your mani with a nail file to remove the shine, then soak a cotton ball in the acetone and place it directly on top of your nail. Follow by wrapping each finger with a small piece of foil, and after 10 to 15 minutes, the gel manicure should slide right off with the cotton ball. If some residue remains stuck to your nail, use an orangewood stick to work it off.

The Soaking Method

This method takes the longest and requires a little elbow grease, but works wonders if you don't have any foil or cotton balls on hand. Grab two bowls from the kitchen, one slightly larger than the other. Fill the larger bowl with warm water, place the smaller one inside (as you would with a double-boiler), and pour in some acetone. Because acetone is highly-flammable, you should not heat it in the microwave or stove. As you allow the solution to warm for a minute or two, buff the surfaces of your manicure with a nail file, then place your hand inside the acetone and allow the gels to gradually soak off. After 10 to 15 minutes, you should notice the corners coming loose. As your nails are steeping in the acetone, take an orangewood stick and gently begin to loosen the gel on each nail until it is removed completely. Repeat on the other hand, and top off with a generous amount of hand cream and cuticle oil.

I hope that it was helpful to you. If you have any query or suggestion related to gel manicure or its removal, share it with me in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!