Grab That Sharpie For These Easy Nail Art Designs

Nail art has always been a fascinating thing for me. Creating vibrant designs, using vivid colours and patterns makes my nails stand out among others. But there are times when you are so confused about what to create on your nails or when you don't find the kind of shade you need at that time or in the brand that you love. Well, for that time all you need is the most basic nail art tool - a sharpie!

Sharpies are available in some of the wildest colours that one can imagine including neons, metallics and your regular colours. If you don't own nail art pens or need an easy tool to create nail art like a cute doodle, Sharpie is the right option for you. Here are some easy breezy yet colourful nail art designs that you can create using the most simple tool

Hope you enjoyed the Sharpie nail art tutorial and will be inspired by these to create some of the gorgeous nail designs one can imagine.

Lots of Love!!!