Just Phulkari: Vibrant Handcrafted Phulkari Suits For Wedding Season

Handicraft in India has a unique charm to it. Every region has an individual style, which cannot be found anywhere else. Similarly, Punjab's Phulkari is something treasured for it's exquisite beauty and elegance. Shawls, dupattas and salwar kameez, are adorned with this elegant embroidery. It is an important part of weddings and special occasions in Punjab, Haryana and some parts of Pakistan as well, where women dress themselves in colorful phulkari outfits.

Traditionally, there are two styles of phulkari work. 'Bagh', where entire fabric is covered with embroidery and 'Adha Bagh' where fabric has scattered embroidery. This whole work is done with white or yellow silk floss on cotton khaddarh and starts from the center on the fabric called "chashm-e-bulbul" and spreads to the whole fabric. Different types of Phulkari are Chope and subhar, Til patra, Neelak, Ghunghat bagh, Chhamaas, and Senchi phulkari.

First time, I saw phulkari dupatta worn by a friend and it was fascinating. I had to get one for myself, but either it was too expensive or lacked the charm of original phulkari work. Then, I came across to JustPhulkari, an online store where you can buy everything phulkari at a decent price. 

Handcrafted Genuine Phulkari

JustPhulkari brings to you genuine phulkari. They work with artisans at the ground level and bring to you the masterpieces made by them. What I loved most about the brand is that they connect with them directly and pay higher wages so as to improve their overall lifestyle. Since every piece is created by hands, it take weeks for completing one art piece. A phulkari saree can take about 3-4 weeks to finish.

Social Welfare First

Along with providing excellent quality original phulkari to you and paying artisans a fair wage, Just Phulkari has been into community work as well. Whatever profit is generated, part of it goes to a fund created for the welfare of Phulkari Artisnas' welfare. The brand is also planning to set up a library for their kids in a small village in Punjab. It is good to see a commercial brand being so socially responsible. It is a true meaning to Fashion for Social Changes...

My Shopping
I bought two salwar kameez sets from them and each one is amazingly beautiful. One is Hot Pink cotton silk Suit with Blue Color Chanderi Dupatta. Both, the Suit & Dupatta have bright colored Parsi embroidery. Suit piece is 4.8M and Dupatta is 2.2M approximately. There is a blue phulkari patch work done on the border of the kameez in similar style of the dupatta.

The other one is Golden colored cotton silk suit with Black Color Chanderi Dupatta. Both, the Suit & Dupatta have bright colored Kantha embroidery. Suit piece is 5M and Dupatta is 2.2M approximately. There is a black phulkari patch work done on the border of the kameez in similar style of the dupatta.

I really love the embroidery on both of them. They are heavy and so beautiful. You can feel the quality, the moment you touch them or take the dupatta in hand. Defined border with mirror work on both and golden lace. 

If you love Phulkari embroidery or just anything with colorful embroidery, you have to visit the website. There are really adorable phulkari suits for kids as well. I am soon gonna buy some for my nieces...

Tell me what you think about it in comments...

Lots of Love!!!


  1. Now buy vivarang designer dupaatas with a wide variety of authentic collection at affordable prices in USA

    1. But they don't ship in India. I love JustPhulkari coz they have really nice collection at budget price and they ship to US as well as to India.

    2. I had been looking for some hand embroidery phulkari bagh dupattas. Thanks to you I got to know of www.justphulkari.com & have picked up a lovely khaddar bagh.

    3. Ohh that's great! I would love to see it.. Post a pic on Instagram and tag @Crazy.nailzz

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