12 Reasons why Delhi Girls are the Best

All you Delhi girls, you obviously know that you are the best. Right? And so do the boys. From day in and day out, we deal with so many things and still manage to look cool. We stay in shape, no matter what shape is that. We love ourselves, and people that are part of our life. From Chandani Chowk ke paranthe to Bukhara's Tandoori special, we know our food too well. But, still if you want to reassure yourself or remind others of what a gem you are, here are 12 reasons that will prove that there is no match to Delhi girls.

We love fries and burgers. But, still manage to maintain a skinny waisteline

We love brands like Zara and Forever 21. But, still we are also very good at bargaining at Sarojini nagar or Kamla nagar

We are almost every party's limelight

We know how to drive Honda and Mercedes. But, don't shy away from Delhi Metro

We are yaaron ke yaar; always available for a friend.

We don't cheat. But, know how to teach a lesson to somebody who tries to cheat.

We are hardcore romantics. But, know how to deal with cheesy flirts and roadside romeos

We are very good at English. We are equally good at local dialects like Haryanvi, Punjabi, Gujarati etc.

We are financially independent. We know how to take care of ourselves.

We are born entertainers. We love to dance. Our dancing rocks!!!!

Our attitude is our style quotient. We never go wrong with that.

We relish food at HKV cafes and restaurants. But, are sure that there is no match to maa ke haath ka khana

We are the best and we know that!!!

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Lots of Love!!!


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