7 Winter Fashion Myths To Break This Season!

There are always certain fashion rules that one should not break. Overtime, we seemed to have conjured a lot of these rules. The trick is in making sure that you do abide by certain rules and break the ones that no longer serve their purpose. Winter is also the time when we are told not to wear a certain look or style coz "it will look weird".

Girl, you do not have to worry about all these people telling you not to wear your bold red lipstick or that cute skirt in winter coz it will a bit too much or not according to the weather. We are giving the top 7 winter fashion myths or rules to break this season, and you will love to break them hard!

Metallic tones are forbidden

Metallic tones are all rage now. And we talking from clothes to shoes to stockings to bags to everything fashion! And this is one trend you most definitely have to flaunt with winter for the rad look.

Take out your metallic clutch bags, heels, sneakers or a nice holographic sling bag, everything will look fabulous in winter.
Completely wrapped up is the way to go...

Given it is quite cold out there, but that does not mean that you have to get all wrapped up from head to toe and abandon your fashion sense. All you have to do is incorporate enough knit in your style and you will as warm as ever. Take for example, this look, a knit sweater dress and knee-high boots certainly does the trick.

Everything short needs to go

Still in love with those cute denim shorts? Or those pleated mini skirt? You do not necessarily have to push them to the far corner of your closet anymore....

To you easily incorporate your stocks with your shorts and mimi skirts this winter and you are good to go.

All white is disastrous during winters

All white outfits happens to be one of the classiest trends of all time. And if you are a lover of this look you don't have stop wearing it during winters anymore.

Winter is not for pastels

Granted blacks and greys are the colours that represent winter but times have changed and wearing pastels during winter is no longer a fashion faux. Take out all those cute bubbly pastel colored jackets, faux fur coats, sweaters, beanies, mufflers, scarves and gloves for adding that cute chic factor to your winter style!

Bright and Bold is a fashion faux

Bright colours are no longer too grand for winters. You don't have to stick to the status-quo of winters and blend into the crowd with dark tones anymore.

If wearing too bright clothes is a bit too much for you, try to use bright colored accessories as contrast effect to your day to day winter styles. A red clutch bag, yellow pumps, bright blue nails or that gorgeous fuchsia lipstick will also work great!

Florals are for Spring

Now there's the biggest misconception for all times. Florals patterns are no longer restricted to spring anymore. So don't hesitate to add some florals to your winter wardrobe. You can use floral prints to create striking contrast with your regular winter clothes too!

What is your style statement for winter? Share it with me!

Lots of Love!!!