VOV Nail Polish Review- Budget polish Professional quality

I love buying new nail paints. Having just one bottle of a shade never seems fair, isn't it?
Also, some brands keep coming up with new shades which keeps a Polishaholic like me keep going. I do invest in some expensive brands but also keep looking for good quality but cheap polish brands. Recently I came across to VOV brand and got my hands on to its polish bottles. they were cylindrical shaped with good quantity of liquid.

For starters I bought 4 of them, just to try if they are any good or not.

What got my eye was their names. I have seen these kind of names only in OPI polishes until now so it was quite intriguing. So I decided to review one of them, later rest will come. 

The shade is named VOV Who Needs A Prince 169. It is soft baby pink with yellow undertones. Great for you if you are looking for skin color polishes or nude polishes for lighter skin tone. 

Cost: Rs. 40 for 9ml 
I bought it from Chandigarh local market, The Shastri Bazaar. tried to look for it in Delhi but haven't been successful yet. 

The color will suit everyone with light skin tone, but using one or two coats, even girls with dark skin tone can rock it too.

It is very pretty. If you are looking for something for every day use or for formal office look, this can be a good choice. 

Take a look at the ingredients.

The brush quality is good too, giving a smooth finish. But the polish takes a bit longer to dry and settle. Avoid using too many coats at the same time. Let one dry before applying another. 

The color lasted for about a week or so on my nails without chipping. I used L'Oreal Matte top coat for a matte finish which addedd life to the polish too. You can give it a try. I will Review L'Oreal  Matte Top coat soon on the blog. 

I hope you loved the review. If you have used VOV products or polishes, do share its pictures with me in comments or on FB, Twitter or Instagram. 

Lots of Love!!!