Mani Bombs: Perfect way to pamper your nails

After working hard in office and in kitchen, how many of us are able to take out time for pampering our hands. I sometimes cannot manage to keep up with the manicure appointments and have to cancel them. I bet, many of you are out there just like me.

For all the beauties who are unable to take out time for manicure appointments or spa sessions, here is a great way to pamper your hands and keeping them soft.

Mani Bombs will do it for you in a jiffy!

After all, nail art looks best when your hands and nail are in good shape.

You all must be aware of bath bombs. Mani bombs are miniature version of bath bombs designed to pamper your hands and nail. With their abrasive power, they help in removing the dead skin layer, while providing essential moisture to your hands.

All you have to do is unwrap the mani bomb, put it in a bowl of lukewarm water, let it explode and dip your hands in it for about 5-10 minutes. You can do it while watching TV or looking after kids. I bet, they will be mesmerized with the magic!

Look how it dissolves in water and pampers your hands!

Mani bombs are available in a number of shapes and color, each having its own quality. Check them out here:

Good old round ones. Love the colorful confetti in it!

Time for a hearty surprise! Perfect gift for Valentine's Day

Ooh so adorable floral ones. 

Yummy strawberry glazed Donuts! 

Meet brother of Ginger-man, Mani-Bomb-man!

Floral ones

You can even organise Mani parties with these for your friends!

Perfect gift for every girl or Party favors!

Do let me know if you have tried these yet!

Lots of Love!!!