Crazy But Cute Water Marble Nail Art Straight From Instagram

Water marble nails look so pretty and adorable. When I saw my first water marble nail art, couldn't stop myself from staring it for hours and thinking how one can do this. And when I tried it, well who got water marble nails perfect with the first time. But this is really amazing, how nail art artists around the world keep coming up with new things and ideas. 

If you have been trying water marble nail art or wish to try one, here are some inspirations for you from popular nail art artists and some girls like us. Instagram is full of inspiration. I hop you will enjoy these!

Pretty in green water marble nails

Water Marble Fun nail art

A video posted by @leysanserg on

These seem to be easy!
Water marble nails are never easy :/

Have you tried these ever? So pretty water marble nails

Adorable nails done with water marble technique

Lots of Love!!!