#shortnailsdontcare : Nail art Ideas for Small Nails

I am a girl with very tiny nails, literally small. If I chop them off they might look like nails of a three year old. But, I am a sucker for nail art and nail polishes. The way I decorate my nails, sometimes it leaves people bewildered and wondering how something like this can be done on small nails.

Smalls nails or tiny nails also have scope of beautiful nail art, you just have to be open for creativity after all #shortnailsdontcare. Here are few fabulous nail art ideas for small nails. 

1. Pretty polka dots

Polka dots can be as small as you need them, making them the perfect addition to a short nail mani.

2. Sliding scale of color

This is a tried and true trick for short nail manicures. Just pick a colour palette and go wild!

3. Accent flower

With short nails, a full floral mani would probably be too busy. This accent is a perfect balance, though.

Few More Nail art Ideas for Tiny Nails

4. Gemmed up

Look how adorable this is! Pink polish with an accent gem looks great on shorter nails!
If pink nails are your thing, be sure to check out the next nail design on this list.

5. Subtle star dust and bow

Pink is the perfect base for a short nail manicure. Add a few sparkles and a little accent, like this black and gold bow, and you're all set.

6. Metallic mani

If you want something a little more flashy, go for a solid paint and make it metallic! Check it out:

7. Pearl it all the way

With short nails like this, one big blinging accent is more than enough, well, No! Go big with pearls and add bling to all your nails. You can create various designs with pearls of different sizes.

8. Bright and bold

If you have to pick just one color for those short nails, why not make it hot pink? It's bright, bold, and totally beautiful.

9. Cute confetti

Confetti is an adorable design that pairs well with shorter nails. Paint the base black for the look you see below, or try painting them white for something with more of a pop.

10. White with gold

This is a fantastic look for shorter nails! A little gold accent on each with one bold ring finger nail design is the perfect balance.

11. Sparkles and stripes

A few solid stripes work well with the shorter look, too! Yay!

12. Negative space

This design works to actually extend the look of your shorter nails.

13. Evil eye on my nails

Solid color or pale color nail polish topped with half moon shaped evil eye!

Lots of Love!!!


  1. Luv luv luv!!! Thks for giving me some good ideas!!

    1. Stay posted and follow the blog Mel. More such ideas are coming ahead!

  2. Luv luv luv!!! Thks for giving me some good ideas!!


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