Nivea Lip Butter Review: Raspberry Rose Kiss

 Nivea is probably the best over the counter drugstore brand known for skin care. I have been using it since I was a toddler and before that it was used by my mother. Although there are a lot of great skin care brands available, but whenever I think about something cheap yet fantastic, this is the one. 

Nivea launched its lip butter range back in 2013 but it took some time before entering the Indian market and here are they finally. I first found it while shopping for monthly groceries in market. Nivea has an offer going on where you get a product free with large bottle of moisturiser. I got it free with Nivea Body lotion Smooth Milk 250ml bottle which is also pretty amazing. 

Lip butter comes in a tin box which is pretty cool and cute. Some people might find the tin box a bit unhygienic but it is fine for me since I wash my hands several times throughout the day and do not share my Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose with anyone.  

    Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose is also available in other flavors such as Caramel Cream, Vanilla & Macademia and Original. To my luck I got another batch for free on behalf of Secret Santa. I think these lip butters are going to last a year or I might have to give them out to some friends. Quantity is a lot!!

     Delhi winters can be so harsh for our skin, especially for the lips. With Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose, you can take care of your lips. It has an amazing formula that keeps your lips soft and moisturised for hours at a stretch. 

    Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose will help in healing chapped and dry lips. My lips have become so soft and supple after I started using it.

    I use it before applying any matte lipstick for keeping them moisturised. You can also use it as base for making cream blush, perfect for winter season natural blush. It can also used as base for lip scrubs too if you want to make some at home. 

     Cost: Rs. 189 for 19ml or 16.7gm

    This price is pretty reasonable for the quantity you get and the quality of the lip butter if compared to other such drugstore lip care brands. 


    Pros of Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

    1. Nivea raspberry rose gives a very light rosy tint to the lips.
    2. Stays well for more than 4 hours.
    3. Spreads very easily on the lips and does not make a heavy film.
    4. Has a faint rosy fragrance that is not overpowering.
    5. Has no taste.
    6. Leaves my lips very soft and moisturized.
    7. Imparts a healthy shine to my lips.
    8. I have seen a remarkable change in the texture of my lips considering I have dry lips.
    9. Does not leave a white cast like some other lip butters.
    10. Healthy ingredients.
    11. Cute packaging.
    12. Comes in a sturdy tin with a tight lid, can be just tossed in the bag without worrying.
    13. Very travel friendly.
    14. It’s a value for money.

    Cons of Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

    1. The tin box packaging is unhygienic and can put off some.
    2. Availability in local market.
    3. Might stand out on dark lips if not applied properly.
    4. I can't think of others. It is amazing.
    Girls, If you have been looking out for a budget friendly lip care product, try Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose and its other variants.
    Do tell me if you have tried it and how it worked for you.

    Lots of love!!!