Maybelline Color Show- Crazy Berry 218 Swatch and Reviews

After hearing the prays of nail paints lovers, Maybelline came out with budget friendly nail polish collection- Maybelline Color show!

It is a collection of colorful, vibrant shades of nail polishes, perfect for nail art and a different look daily. They are very cute in packaging as well as in color. So, today we are reviewing Crazy Berry 218 from the collection.


It is a brownish purple shade sort of similar to Indian black berry or Jamun as we all have known it. The color is great with flawless consistency of polish. You can get the color in two coats. It looks fabulous on fair hands, but will suit pretty much every skin tone in India.


Cost is Rs. 75 which is pretty much low for the quantity given.

My thoughts: 

When I got this polish, applied it, I was pretty much impressed by it, but the next day! Yes, the next day, in the morning I found a chip on my nail.

Imagine my state of mind when I found a chip on the polish applied on the nail, not my nail after a couple of hours of its application. This is the worst one in longevity among rest of the Maybelline Color Show polishes.


If you are buying it or fall for the color as I did, I will advise you to apply a base coat, wait for it to dry and then apply nail polishes. Once the polish has dried apply a top coat as well. This might enhance the life a bit.

On an all, I will give it 3 out of 5

Rating: 3/5