Floral Clutch bags- Let the flowers bloom!

SS15, the popular Spring Summer 2015 fashion week brought some cool fashion and style trend. From the runways of New York to the street styles, we have a winner of trends- Floral prints.

Every popular fashion designer and fashion house included this trend in their collection, giving a sneak preview of the upcoming one for you. Floral prints were quite popular in retro era, but they did sneaked in almost every Spring summer collection.

From Versace to Chanel, you might have had a great time admiring these close to the nature look.
The blooms of floral prints have a great variation with quirky bold vibrant colored flowers to the subtle soft pastel hues. Somewhere it is shouting out for attention while somewhere it is very soft and delicate.

In my opinion, I love them and will be adding quite a lot of floral prints in my wardrobe collection this spring.

Florals are fresh, bold, chic and never goes out of fashion, ever!

If you are scared to add bold floral apparels to your collection, do it with accessories in form of these clutches. Have a look at some of the popular floral print clutch bags from runway to streets!

Dolce & Gabbana featured these pretty grandmothers in their new floral collection. with their heavenly looks and those colorful vibrant bags, D&G surely succeeded!

Lots of love!
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