DIY- Glitter sneakers

Glitters are magic dust sprinkled in the air by humans. Mystical, magical and full of awe it can make any realistic into a dreamer. Being a Fashionista, we all love to have a tinge of glitter in our closet. Whether it is handbag, dress, hair accessories, jewelry, makeup or footwear, glitter can transform any simple thing into magical one.
Today we will transform our regular canvas sneakers into chicalicious glitter footwear!
I saw this post in Teen vogue

Things you need:

Old canvas shoes (Any color, we have white)
Powder glitter available in any craft store (Whichever color you like, we have Silver and dark green)
Brush (Any painting brush you like)
Mod Podge or Fevicol (Whichever craft glue is available to you)
Newspaper sheets (For avoiding mess)
Scotch Tape
Your creativity


Tape shoe soles

Apply the masking tape over any parts of the shoe that you do not want to paint. Be sure to cover all of the soles. Take care to smooth the tape down so that you don't leave any gaps along the top.

Remove shoe laces

Remove the laces from the shoes, then pour a large glob of the silver glitter paint into the plate.

Start with the lightest glitter

Pour a large amount of the lightest color of glitter into the paint. It's important to work from the lightest color to the darkest.

Stir the glitter into the paint

Stir up the glitter/paint mixture. You want it to have a somewhat grainy consistency, but you don't want the paint to be dry or chunky. Adjust the amount of glitter and paint until you have a nice mix.

Begin painting the glitter

Start painting the glitter mixture on the shoe, working from the back of the shoe to the front.

Paint 1/3 of the shoe

Paint about one third of the shoe with the silver glitter mixture, being sure to get every part of the canvas. When you get to the 1/3 mark, brush the paintbrush back and forth to blur the end line of the silver paint. This will help the ombre effect to look more natural.

Pour more paint

Using a clean plate, pour another glob of silver glitter paint into the plate.

Start with second color of glitter

Pour a large amount of the second lightest color of glitter into the paint.

Mix glitter and paint well

Mix well, and make any adjustments to the consistency.

Begin painting the second color

Start painting the second color about half an inch behind where the first color ended, so that the first and second colors overlap and blend together. Paint the third color until just before the shoe laces stop, and blend out the edges. Be sure to pull out the tongues of the shoes and paint them as well.

Mix the darkest color

Mix the next darkest color with the paint on a clean plate.

Mix glitter and paint well

Be sure to get a nice consistency!

Finish painting

If you're using three colors of glitter, paint the remainder of the shoe. If you're using four colors, save some space at the toe. Use the same overlap technique with the middle color to ensure the shades blend well. For this pair, I used a fourth color of chunky glitter, and applied it just at the toes for a fun accent.

Seal the paint

Pour a bit of Mod-Podge or Fevicol onto a clean plate. Make sure your brush is clean!

Paint on Mod-Podge or Fevicol

Paint a light coat of the Mod-Podge or Fevicol all over the glitter to create a seal. Don't be alarmed if the Mod-Podge or Fevicol looks white at first–it will dry clear.


  1. Nice idea.. I can turn cheap tennis shoes into art peices..lolzz


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