DIY Nail art- Shirt with a Bow

Nails are like blank canvases where you can showcase your creativity. No restriction, no rules, just creativity. Go mad, go bad but do show some love for your nails while doing it. With my very first DIY nail art post, here is a cute nail art with bow on it.

Someone has said it right, When you are in doubt, put a bow on it.

For this nail art, you do not need a lot of things, which makes it further more easier. One more thing, if I m being a little formal here, please forgive me since it has been sometime I had worked on my own blog.

Things you need:

  • White nail polish ( any brand you like) I used Maybelline Color show Porcelain party.
  • Black 2 way Nail art pen (you can get them in your local market, I got it from
  • Clear Top coat ( for giving a finishing touch to the nail art) I used Maybelline top coat.

Step One: Remove any polish traces and dirt from your nail and file them properly. Now apply White polish on each finger. To have a perfect white shade apply second once the previous coat has dried well.

Step Two: Use the Black 2 way nail art pen for dotting out line for bow. You can also make freehand bow as well if you are good at it.

Step Three: Fill in the dotted outlines for making the bow.

Step Four: Add a clean looking French manicure line in black using the striper brush side of Two way nail art pen. If you do not know about French manicure, refer to step 5 in pic.

Step Five: Once the bow and manicure line is complete, add dots between bow and line marking the center. They should look like Buttons. See the pic.

Step Six: Once the polish has dried well, apply clear polish for sealing in the art and completing the look.

Voila! Here you have beautiful nail art!