DIY- Fish Caviar Nail art

Are you planning for something different this valentine’s day? Do you wish to make your fingers beautiful and mesmerizing?

Fish caviar mani will do that for. Non vegetarians must be very well aware of fish caviar which is made from fish eggs. It might be a delicacy in some countries but for us it is a way to decorate our nails. No need to pack up those fishing boots or feel scared, because we do not need real fish eggs for this nail art, but some simple tricks, like we always do.

Here you can have a look at various styles of Fish Caviar mani. I have lended hands of my friend, Usha for this one! :) ;) 

Things you need
  • Nail paint of any color. I used a blue colored one and fuchsia colored one. You need to avoid quick dry nail polishes since we need wet polish for the mani.
  • Microbeads of desired color. I used blue and silver for one mani and fuchsia for another. You can use any of your choice.
  • Tissue paper

Step One: Start by cleaning your nail properly. Apply polish on one nail at a time to avoid mess. Two coats of polish will make a good platform for the caviar pearls or microbeads.

Step Two: Place your finger on Tissue paper or a tray, sprinkle caviar beads on it. Make sure your polish is wet when you do it.

Step Three: Once you have covered your nail well with beads, press them gently ensuring they are well in place. It will enhance durability of the mani as well.

Step Four: Collect rest of the beads and put them back to the container. Let your mani dry for 15-20 minutes.

You can try different variants available for creating different looks. Microbeads are available at your local art and craft store and on Check out some nail art we have tried with it.