Very Easy Christmas Nail Art Tutorials

Adorning our nails with cute Christmasy nail art ideas is quite common practice. Every year, no matter if my nails are long or short, I will do one or two Christmas-themed nail art designs. So, I thought of sharing some of my favorite ones with you over here. I will also add tutorials of the same as well so that you can go ahead and make them on your nails. I hope you will enjoy these and have a Merry Christmas.

Cute Santa Claus Nail art Idea

Marbled Christmas Tree and Decoration nail art

Easy Holly/ Mistletoe Nail Art 

Cute Candy Cane Inspired Nail Art

Here is the tutorial for these Easy Christmas Themed Nail Art Ideas


 Mistletoe Nail Art Idea tutorial 


 Some other easy nail art tutorials 

 I hope you loved them and will enjoy them! 

Lots of Love!!!