Cute Glitter shattered glass nail art tutorial | Colorbar arteffects nail polish

 Sharing today this cute but very different nail art design. It is a super simple nail art that requires two nail polishes, one stamping kit and a white stamping polish with top coat. That is it. You will love this so much, that maybe you will try it with other shades. 

Colorbar Blue Nail polish:
Glitter nail polish:
Stamping plate and polish set:

Start this nail art with applying the base polish first. 2 coats of base, dark blue shade works best. 

Once it is dried, apply the glitter top coat on it. The top coat has holographic chunky glitters in shades of blue and green. 

Once it is dried, use the cracked image on stamper. Apply one swipe of white stamping polish on it. Swipe it using scraper and pick the image immediately using stamper. Transfer the image on the nail and let it dry for a bit. Press with your fingers to settle the design on nails. Apply top coat on it to seal the design. 

Here is the tutorial for this easy nail art!

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Lots of Love!!!