Best Nude nail polishes every indian girl must try

Light brown or skin color nail polishes have been a favorite of many girls. Known as Nude, buff, and skin color, these nail polishes are considered the best for everyday wear. Whether you are a school-going girl or someone who has a strict professional dress code, these are loved by many. Not only for them, but it is also a nice elegant shade collection for everyone who wants a classy manicure. So, in today's blog, I am bringing you my best nude nail polishes that every Indian girl must try!

Here are all the shades as shown from First to Last 

1. Purplle High on Poetry 
2. NYBae Sponge Candy 
3. Lakme Color crush Shade 41 
4. NYBae Doughnut 
5. TS Color Police Magic Potion 
6. Miss Claire Shade 12 
7. NYBae Piccolo Latte 
8. Nugel Hyper gloss Banana Mania 
9. NYBae Barbeque Ribs 
10. Faces Canada Splash Floral Dream 
11. Fyorr Perfect Nude 28 
12. Purplle High on Kisses 
13. TS Color Police Rose Quartz 
14. Colorbar Light Fawn

Watch this video for swatches of all

So, which one is your favorite nude nail polish shade in this collection?

You can buy them here

1. NYBae Nail Polishes: 
2. Faces Nail Polishes: 
3. Colorbar Nail polishes: 
4. TS Nail polishes: 
5. Nugel Nail Polishes: 
6. Lakme Nail polishes: 
7. Fyorr Nail Polishes:

I did not realize I had this many nude shades until I made this video. I will make more videos for pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges as well for you. If you want me to make it for any other shade, do tell me in the comments. 

Lots of Love!!!