Decorate your bedroom with warm fleece bedsheets | Affordable winter bedsheets India

Winters are pretty cold in India, especially in the northern states. We take every little effort to protect ourselves from cold during these months. Buying warm clothes, and adding layers is a common habit. Not only do we focus on the clothing and footwear during this season, but bedding is also chosen carefully. A nice warm bedsheet and a fuzzy blanket on top are a must for a cozy sleep during chilling winter nights. 

Since I was shopping for bedding for my bedroom, I thought of sharing some cute ideas for warm winter bed sheets with you. These are some of the brands that I have purchased from and enjoyed their products. Also, all these are under 1200 rupees with the warmth you will love too!

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Beautifully lined fleece bedsheet

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Lined bedsheets can really bring out the beauty of your room. It makes the room look bigger and better. you can get many options in these bedsheets. these are so soft and cozy. And the best thing is that pillow covers have a zipper on them for easy closure. Fitted bedsheets, single bedsheets, and double bedsheets. Quality is pretty nice with easy returns and replacements.

Plaid warm winter bedsheet

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This one is for those who do not like fleece bedsheets. Made of soft but not fuzzy warm woven fabric, this is perfect for winters. You can get the comfort of a warm blanket in this one. And the print makes your room look modern and cozy. 

Geometric Prints winter bedsheet

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Add a modern touch to your bedroom with geometrical print winter bedsheets. These are available in both types, flannel, and fleece for giving a cozy warmth. There are so many options of prints that you will want to have all of them.

Floral prints winter bedsheet

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Floral prints can make any bedroom look beautiful. this dark-colored floral print bedsheet will not only look pretty but give you a nice cozy vibe. It is stretchable m comfortable and easy to wash. 

Taking care of winter bedsheets

It is easy to take care of your winter bedsheets. 

1. Wash them in gentle cleanser: Always wash winter bedsheets using a gentle woolen cleanser like Godrej Ezee. It helps in keeping them new and prevents color fading. Also, wash with like colors or only the bedsheet with its pillow covers.  

2. Use lukewarm or normal temperature water. Never wash them in hot water. It will make the fabric contract affecting the size and shape.

3. Do not wring them: Instead of wringing them to take out excess water, place the bedsheet on the rack or clothing line. Let it dry naturally. If you are drying them in the washing machine, use a gentle spin. 

4. Do not iron them: Ironing the winter bedsheet can cause burn marks on them. Instead, you can use a steamer for removing any wrinkles.

Get these bedsheets and enjoy a cozy sleep during the winter season. If you have any questions about them, please ask me in the comment section.

Lots of Love!!!