The Dirty Shade Nail Polishes Review & Swatches | Budget Indian Nail Polishes

 Lately, I have been trying many Indian Nail polish brands. Some of them are of poor quality, while some surprise me with their quality. One such brand is Dirtyh Shades, an Indian nail polish brand with a wide range of shades. The brand offers A huge range of polishes including everyday shades, nudes, bright colors, glitters, matte, textured polishes, and much more. I received 4 polishes from the brand in PR and will share its true review here in this blog along with swatches. 


Each polish costs Rs. 199

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Black Sugar Textured Glitter Polish

It is a gorgeous glittery black polish with a sugar texture. Glitters are silverish and greyish in shade giving it a nice shiny effect. The base is black in color. You need 2 coats for a perfect finish. This polish takes some time to dry out. Once dried, it will stay on nails for more than 4 days. 

Shark Grey Shade

This one is a unique shade. Sorta purplish-grey shade, it looks amazing on nails. It has a creme finish and dries up with a  beautiful shine. This polish also has a decent lasting of 4 days before it begins to dull. 

Matte Wine Shade

If you love velvety matte shades, this is the one for you. This wine shade is so elegant and looks amazing on nails. It dries up quickly with a smooth velvet matte look. It will not stain your nails. 

Minted Glory Shade

One of my favorite shades from this brand, Minted Glory is ideal for summer. It is bold, bright, and will suit any complexion. I love how it dries up with a smooth creme finish. I am sure it will be a perfect base for any nail art. 

My Take

All the polishes are pretty good. The applicator is nice with a flat brush. However, the shape of the cap made it a bit difficult for me to hold and apply the polish. After a while, I was accustomed to holding it properly and apply it. The shades are highly pigmented and dry up very fast giving a smooth finish. Textured polish on the other hand needs some time to dry up. Matte looks like velvet once it dries and gives a beautiful finish. They did not stain my nails or dry out the cuticles. Lasting is also pretty good. Each polish stayed about 4 days before chipping. 

I hope you loved this review. Share your views with me in the comments. If you have any questions regarding these polishes, brands, or any other polish brand, ask away!

Lots of Love!!!