Trending Cute Summer Nail Art Ideas For 2021

Summer season is here and it is time to paint your nails in bold, bright, and beautiful shades. If you are like me then probably you have started to save new nail art designs to try this year for summer.  I have some of the best designs that I did on my nails for the summer season especially. These are inspired by the current trends for cute summer anil art ideas in 2021. You can try these to make your nails pop.

Colorful Rainbow Nails

Strawberry Nail Art

I love strawberry nail art designs so thought of trying some on my hands. 

Watermelon Nail Art Ideas

Summers are the best time to wear fruit-inspired nails.

Floral Toenail Art designs

those flip-flops will look better with colorful toes. Adorn them with the best toenail art designs.

Pretty Pastel Nail Art Designs

Who doesn't love wearing pastel nails in the summer season? Here are some cute pastels for you!

Nature Inspired Nail Art Designs

With lots of foliage patterns, leaves and much more, these nail art designs will take you closer to nature.

Colorful Marble Nail Art Designs

If you love doing bright marble nail art designs, I have some best ones for you. These I made without any water and have the best effects on them. You can watch the tutorial for the above Rainbow marble nail art design here

Animal print nail art designs

Animal prints nail art with a twist is always better if you want to stand out. 

Easy Floral Nail Art designs

Pantone Color of the Year Nail Art Designs

And the best one is using Pantone color of the year for your nails.

Bow Nail Art Designs

Pretty Polka Dot nail art designs

Get all girly girls with the cutest polka dots nail art designs. 

Butterfly Nail Art Designs

I love beautiful butterfly nail art designs, especially for summer.

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Lots of Love!!!