Cutest Floral Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

Floral nails are forever favorite. You can wear them not only in the spring season but whenever you feel a lack of nail art ideas, these come to your rescue. Floral nails do not require a high level of expertise as anyone can make them. There are the easy ones made with dotting tools, then the simple swirl rose nail art. If you feel like an extra fancy, go with the stamping floral nail art designs. So, here are some of my favorite floral nail art designs for short nails that I did in 2021 and a few in 2020 to inspire you,

Note: All the tutorials for these nail art designs can be found on my Youtube channel

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Stamping rose nail art design

Stamping Daisy Nail Art Design 

Easy Swirl Roses Nail Art Design

Mix and Match Floral Stamping Design

Abstract floral foliage nail art design

Colorblock polka dots floral nail art

Polka dots Floral nail art

Hibiscus flower nail art

Water decal glitter nail art 

Cute Floral Nail Art Design

Stamping Nail Art Glitter Nails

You can watch tutorials for all these nail art designs on my Youtube channel. Watch them and enjoy!

Lots of love!!!