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 I love getting cute little things for my home. Whenever I see something different that might go well with the ambiance of any room in the house or corners, I have to get it. While exploring new decor pieces I came across Exclusive Lane, home decor and gifting website. Here I discovered some of the unique and vibrant kitchen and decor pieces. All of them handcrafted by Indian artisans. I purchased 2 sets of swans, with meenakari work and enamel details done on metal. Let's me tell you more about these and my shopping experience over here!

About Exclusive Lane

Exclusive Lane is an online store offering exclusively handpicked handicraft products from rural artisans from different parts of India. The brand has a wide range of home decor, serveware, kitchenware, garden decor, and gifting options created by expert artisans. These are all vibrant and handcrafted making them something superb to have in your home. 


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Meenakari White Swan Handenamelled Set In Metal

Both sets are available for Rs. 935. They are currently on discount so you can get them at a much lower price. 

The Packaging

Whenever I buy something for home decor or kitchenware online, I prefer that the packaging is safe and secure. I do not want to open a package with a smile on my face and discover broken pieces inside. But, I was pretty impressed with Exclusive Lane's packaging. The outer cardboard box was sturdy and secured with tapes. Inside there were 2 sections of thermocol layering in which the decor pieces were kept secured with loads of bubble wrap. 

A handwritten note places inside showed how much a customer means to the brand and how much they adore their products. 

Further, the pair of birds had a plastic wrap around them keeping each apart to avoid scuffing during transit. It is indeed well thought out packaging to ensure you get your package safe

Handpainted wonders!

Handcrafted and handpainted products have a certain charm about them. Each piece has a unique touch. The artisan showed equal love and attention in making them. If you love to have some unique decor items, these handcrafted and handpainted pair of swans will make you fall for them. they are made with metal moulded into the shape of swans and enameled with meenakari work. This allows it to have a vibrant color and pattern,

In the set, one swan is slightly bigger then the others, probably depicting male and female. So, if you are buying them, and wondering why the difference in size, it is normal and nothing to worry about. 

Detailing that speaks

Detailing on the swans is unbeatable.Very fine brush work is done to make them look vibrant and beautiful. Since this detailing is done with hands, each piece might have some sort of difference. They all are handpainted, making them unique. There might be little color difference or something in design. If are buying them in bulk, you must keep this in mind. All of them will not look same.

Best decor for those difficult corners

Size is a little small, but perfect for decorating those little corners. Whether you need something for your bathroom decor or something for small shelves and wall units, bookshelf corners, these will be perfect. They seem small, but if you place it on the centre of the living room table, it will turn out to be perfect centerpiece. 

Gifts that speak from the heart!

When it comes to gifts for small occasions or just to surprise someone, it can get slightly confusing. You do not wish to be extravagant but do not want your gift to seem too small. Especially if you need party favors, I will suggest that you try these. They are small yet significant. a pair of swans or birds are considered to be a great gift for everyone including couples. It has Vastu benefits and will indeed look great. While I was scrolling for these, I found a lot of other amazing small gift and decor pieces on the Exclusive Lane website. All of them are handmade by Indian artisans adding to the charm. 

Next I will get some kitchenware and servingware from Exclusive Lane and will share them with you. Vist their website and explore some of the best decor pieces your lovely home. You can even gift them to your loved ones as party favours or for diwali and wedding presents. 

Lots of Love!!!