Cute Winter Sweater Nail Art Tutorial | Easy Nail Art Tutorial for Beginners

Hello, my lovelies!

After starting my Youtube channel, I was so busy making videos and nail arts for tutorials, I could hardly take out time for writing over here on my blog. So I was wondering, what content would be better than writing about all the tutorials that I was doing on my YouTube channel and sharing them here with you all. So, Today I am sharing this super easy and fabulous looking sweater nail art created with stamping. I hope you will like them!

Products used

1. Nugel Non UV gel polish - Dusty Plum 09
2. Juice Long Stay - Deep Maroon 162
3. Juice Long Stay - Sepia 03
4. Store 2508 Stamping plate kit E:
5. White Stamping polish:


1. Apply 2 coats of Dusty plum polish on your nail as a base coat. Wait for it to dry. Leave ring finger and thumb.

2. Follow it with one stripe of Deep Maroon polish. We have to create a dual-color effect. 

3. Now on the ring finger and thumb, apply Sepia polish in 2-3 coats.

4. Use a dotting tool to apply three dots of Deep Maroon Colour on the ring and thumb as the polish dries. 

5. Take the stamping plate with sweater design, apply stamping polish on the desired design, scrape off excess with the scraper. Pick up the design in rolling motion using a stamper and transfer it to your nail. 

6. Apply matte top coat on all nails except ring finger and thumb.

7. Your nail art is ready!

Here is the tutorial for Nail Art!

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Hope you like it!

Lots of Love!!!