The Winter Essentials Fashion Trend: Cocoon Coat

With a selection of bright hues, flashy zippers & intricate patterns, the cocoon coat is as practical as it is chic for any cold-weather endeavor! Slightly unstructured without looking sloppy, cocoon coats are loose-fitting by definition with voluminous sleeves, so perfect for throwing on top of a chunky knit. A contrast of volumes makes for a statement look that overcomes any feelings of dowdiness when buried under lots of winter layers.

Since the winters are getting colder and colder these days, finding the right pieces of comfort that also make you look stylish is pertinent. Cocoon coat which was quite in trend in 2015 and later years is now making a comeback mostly because of the current fashion trends. The shapeless cocoon structured outfits are the new talk of the fashion towns around the world. Seeping in through these trends Cocoon coat, which is a rather warm and shapeless overcoat is a must have in these cold times. You can use it to layer on top of your structured and fitted outfits to get a more cozy vibe. 

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Tell me which is your favorite winter coat. 

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