Why I Switched To Hemp Face Masks? | Hemp Mask Review | Corona Protection

Corona has successfully changed the way we live, behave,  and everyday lifestyle. now, one doesn't step out without a mask on their faces, hand sanitizer in their pockets or purses. We make sure to stand at a distance from each other. Carrying a sanitizer and following social distancing is okay, but when it comes to wearing that mask all day long, it is suffocating...

Especially people who have breathing issues, or feel anxiety in closed spaces, most of the masks available in the market are not the right option. This is where Hemp Masks come into play!

Why Hemp Masks Are Better?

Masks made out of polyester like your use and throw masks and some branded masks are made out of polyester. With multiple layers and their stiff shape, it can be really uncomfortable for anyone to wear them for a long time. I have been wearing a certain branded mask for some time now while stepping out of the house and it is suffocating for me.

With humidity caused by the monsoon season, the heat causing sweating, I just keep adjusting the mask as the inner layers keep sticking to my nose making it difficult for me to breathe properly. I even remove the mask a little whenever I am alone to take a breath of fresh air, which again puts me at a risk.

Cotton masks, although are considered a little breathable and airy but during the process of growing and processing them to convert into usable fiber, it has a risk of containing GMO, pesticides, formaldehyde and such other harmful chemicals that you do not want in your body or anywhere near the nose.

Since wearing a mask has become the new way of life, I wanted something comfortable, breathable, and free of any harmful chemicals or elements. After a little research, I got hemp masks or face covers online from Hemp Foundation and it is the best feeling ever.

Hemp masks are so lightweight and comfortable, I cannot even explain it. Even after being double-layered, it was so breathable and airy that you have to only try it to believe it. I wear them every day now for the past week, walk in the sun, run, jog, workout. These are so light and breathable that you will even forget that mask is even there.

Apart from this, hemp fabric is antimicrobial and antimold, making sure that you and your skin stays safe.


One mask is priced at Rs. 450

You can even order in bulk and get a lower quotation.

Where You Can Buy Hemp Face Mask?

You can purchase the masks and other Hemp fabrics over here

Colors Available 

These masks are available in 4 colors. I got 3 colors of these namely Uma (light grey), Bhavani (dark grey), and Kaali (Black). Apart from this, there is a white one as well. You can choose these in various sizes according to what you need from Small, Medium, and Large.


Uma – Double Layer Pure Hemp Face Cover GSM – 250 Light Grey


No more Maskne!

Wearing a mask daily has given rise to one of the most worrisome skin issues, Acne. I have acne-prone skin so wearing just about any mask was causing more breakouts all over my lower face. With these hemp masks, it has become much easier for me to go about my day without worrying about any acne or breakouts. I wear it with my full face of makeup and at the end of the day simply wash it and let it dry, all set for another day. 

Unlike other masks available in the market, the ear straps on this one are not made of elastic pulling the mask towards your nose and mouth. It has a fabric strap that is shaped to sit on your ears without any tugging and pulling. Once you wear it, the mask will sit on your face without any uncomfortable feeling, which I love the best about it. 

What Hemp Foundation is All About?

Hemp Foundation is a non-profit organization working on Himalayan hemp research, conservation of indigenous cultivars, and promotion of hemp farming in Uttarakhand and helps the farmers market their products.

Since many countries in the world are focussing on extracting maximum benefits from industrial hemp, this foundation is trying to help these farmers, especially women to have a stable earning source without leaving their villages. You can buy hemp-related products such as clothes made out of hemp, fabrics, face masks, oils, and several other items from their website, allowing these poor farmers to live happily. 

Which face mask are you using? Tell me all about it and your experience with it in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!