3 Easy Tricolor Patriotic Nail Designs | Republic Day | Independence Day Celebration

I know I am a bit late for this but finally posting it with apologies!

Here are some interesting and easy nail art tutorial ideas for patriotic tricolor nail art designs. I have started to post on my youtube channel regularly but to be true, it is a bit difficult for me to balance out all the social channels. While I am focussing there on youtube content, my blog website is suffering here. I am lagging on content and sometimes don't have time to even post the blog I have already written.

Instead of keeping this on hold, I wanted to post all these beautiful tricolor nail art designs that I created on the occasion of Independence day. However, the best part of all these nail art designs is that, you can also try them for republic day as well or whenever you are feeling extra patriotic.

Single swipe tricolor nails with stamped wheel spoke design

Tricolor Waterfall design with a striping brush and accent dots

Tricolor Nail Art Design Done With Asymmetrical Dots Using Dotting Tool

Here is the tutorial for all these posted on my Youtube channel. 

I hope you all will like these and share your thoughts with me. I will try to post more here about nails, nail trends, and product reviews, so keep posted and subscribe. 

Lots of Love!!!