10-Step K Beauty Routine | Tips for Indian Skin


Since you are here, let me be truthful to you. There is no "10 Steps K beauty routine for Indian Skin". South Korea, the country from where all these skincare routine came to India and all over the world, has a very different climatic condition, which is very different from India. They have a slightly cooler climate while India has a tropical climate with humidity and heat. I am explaining this because Korean skincare follows an extensive routine with a focus more towards moisturization which is a ned for the skin when you are in cooler climates. While in India, your skin needs moisture, but to a limited extent otherwise, you will have more breakouts and comedones.

If you are wondering, what I am doing here if we do not have a 10 step skincare routine for you, well, this is where I am useful to you. After using and changing my Korean skincare routine to make it more adaptive to Indian climate, I think I know enough to tell you how to incorporate popular skincare products from Korea or their 10 step K beauty routine to your skincare routine.

Along with the steps, I will also tell you about the right quantity and time for wearing the product. This will help you in creating your own personal K-beauty skincare routine, suitable for your skin.

Oil Cleanser

The best type of cleanser if you want all your makeup, skincare products, and sunscreen to come off your skin. Just one or two pumps of it, massage it all over your face and neck, working it slowly to get off all the products that are on your skin and wash off with lukewarm or room temperature water.

Water-based cleanser

The second step is the water-based foaming cleanser that helps in removing any product if there is any left on your skin after the first cleansing step. I prefer the foaming face wash without any soap in it so that it doesn't remove the natural oils from my face. If you have oily skin, I will suggest you use gel-based cleansers. 


Along with cleansing, removing the dead skin from your face is also important. It helps in providing nutrition of all the products you apply on your face directly to the skin and maintains the glow. Avoid using physical scrubs as they can cause damage to your skin in the long term. Use the chemical exfoliators as peeling gels and jellies. They are gentle on the skin and helps in making the skin clean and smooth. Use it 3 times a week on alternate days.


Gone are the days of alcohol-based toners. Switch them with the moisturizing toners that helps in giving your skin the essential hydration. Fourth step in skincare, this step prepares your skin for further steps and makes it highly absorbent. One layer in summer and two layers of toner in winter is advised. 4-5 drops are more than enough!


Right after toners, apply serums that are nutrient-rich products with a little runny consistency. Avoid oil-based serums as they can be pretty heavy on your skin unless you have severely dry skin. Water-based serums like Vitamin C serums and niacinamide are easily absorbed into the skin. If you are using Vitamin C serum, avoid using it with niacinamide as these two don't get along in single regime. Apply them alternatively keeping one for the night and one for the day. You will need just 3-4 drops of the product for your face and neck. Tap all over the face and neck until it is absorbed properly.

Essence /Treatment

With a little thick consistency similar to jelly, these are also nutrient-rich products that help in maintaining the youth of your skin. Always apply essences after serums otherwise it might affect the absorbing process of serum. these are slightly heavy on the skin so should be applied in small quantities. Just half a pump is enough for your face and neck. Apply it in tapping motion.

Eye Cream

Eye creams are getting a lot of attention lately and are an essential part of your skincare. Apply eye creams during the day as well as night by gently tapping it all over your eye region starting from the cheekbones to the eyebrows. You will need not more than a pea size product.

Sheet Mask

Give your skin the must needed moisture with these rich sheet masks. there are various types available in the market and you can get one or many according to your need. One sheet mask for 15 minutes is enough per week. Avoid applying too many or for too long.

Lotion or Cream

The last step of skincare moisturization is the cream. You will need about a pea size of cream for your face and neck, front, and back. Apply it in a tapping motion for maximum absorption. If you have oily skin, you can avoid this step.


A very essential part of the skincare, sunscreen can help in sealing off all these products and protecting your skin from UV rays. Try to apply sunscreen every day even if you are staying indoors. It can help in keeping your skin young for a long time.

I hope all these skin care tips and steps will help in creating your own personal skincare routine. you can use any product that suits your skin for your regime. Just maintain the quantity of each product otherwise your skin will be saturated and may cause acne. Apply products in a quantity as much as your skin can take in.

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