How to Use and Clean Facial Cleansing Brush?

Skincare is the new trending topic in the world of beauty. Instead of covering your entire skin with a lot of makeup, people are no focussing on enhancing its health. From using the right serums and essences to using the right skincare tools, we all are doing everything to attain that effortless flawless smooth supple skin that is blemish-free. Along with all this elaborate skincare regime and investing in expensive products, you also need to pay attention to the hygiene of your skincare products, especially facial cleansing brushes.

If the facial cleansing brushes are dirty and unhygienic, they might cause acne breakouts, blemishes all over your face, any skin infection, and you certainly do not want that to happen.

You need to clean that Facial cleansing Brush properly and we will help in doing so!

Wash using baby shampoo

For everyday cleansing, rinse it under running water to remove extra soap or makeup that might have gotten in. In case you see color or tint of any kind, wash it immediately using baby shampoo. Facial cleansing brushes might help in cleaning our face perfectly, but they also need a deep cleaning once or twice a week. Dip it in warm water with baby shampoo mixed in for about 30 minutes. Rub it gently using your fingers and rinse it under running water. Avoid dipping your Luna mini entirely underwater.

Sanitize it well

You need to make sure that it is free from any bacteria or fungal growth so, spray a sanitizer on it every alternate day. you can also deep it into a concoction of Dettol or any other antiseptic liquid available like Savlon mixed in warm water for about 30 minutes to sanitize it well. This will keep all the germs away. Avoid dipping your Luna mini entirely underwater.

Keep it in dry cool places

The biggest mistake we make while storing or keeping the facial cleansing brushes is keeping them in warm and damp places like washrooms or bathrooms. Providing the perfect environment, these facial brushes become the breeding ground for germs. After using the brush, keep it in a place where it can dry out completely and put it somewhere dry and cool.

Replace the brush every 6 months

Even if all the bristles are working fine, it is wise to switch your facial brush every six months, especially if you are using it every day or every alternate day. You can use the Luna for as long as manufacturer suggests.

I hope this was helpful for you and you loved the tips. Share your experiences in the comments below!

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