Zoreya Facial Cleansing Brush Review

Blackheads, dirty skin, dry skin, clogged up pores, these are always a menace in our life. If you are someone who loves to look fabulous with bright, clean and glowing skin, a good cleansing regime is a must for you. I have been seeing all these beauty bloggers and several celebrities flaunting their cleansing brushes and mini lunas everywhere and wanted something suitable for my skin. I have sensitive skin and all those cleansing tools were very harsh on it. Using them left my skin red, irritated and sometimes a little painful. Trust me, I have tried using them with a light hand as well. Since I am a fanatic about YesStyle and know that Koreans are pretty particular about their skin, I thought of getting a cleansing brush from there instead.

Say Hello to my Zoreya Facial Cleansing brush!

This is such a cute looking facial cleansing brush from this not so very popular brand called Zoreya. Trust me, I have never heard about it and there is no facebook page or Instagram or let alone a website about the brand. So I was slightly sceptical about the purchase but it turned out to be really great. It came in a clear plastic box with all the details mentioned on the back in Korean.

I got it from YesStyle.com for just Rs. 350. You can also get it from there by clicking on the link below.


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Gentle on the skin

I like the fact that it is a very handy brush with a design supporting to be fit into the palm of your hand and glide it all over your face without putting too much pressure. The bristles on both the side are meant for different uses. The white bristle side is very soft with special circular pattern on it, you can use this side for everyday cleansing. The other pink side has slightly hard bristles which are soft too and can be bent with slight pressure, use this side for weekly scrubbing to remove tough blackheads and deep cleansing pores.

How to Use

Here is an illustration that will help you in understanding how you can use this brush properly.

I do it by wetting my face with water, applying a layer of cleanser on my skin and rubbing it with the brush after wetting it too. I move the brush all over my face except lips and eyes in a circular motion. My cleansing gel or foam gets all lathered up developing a very thick foam due to the soft thick brush on the white bristle side. I use the white bristles or the soft side every day twice while washing my face and the slightly hard pink side once a week. Try to keep the pressure on the brush light otherwise, you might harm your skin, even if it is soft.

It cleanses the skin without making it sensitive or aggravating it. However, try not to put too much pressure on the skin while using the brush. Keep it away from the eyes as the skin around the eyes and lips are very soft and not meant to be scrubbed in any way.

Cleansing the brush

Cleaning the brush is also very easy. Once you are done with cleaning your face, simply keep it under running water. You can rub the bristles gently until all the cleansing foam is out of it. It will retain some water, but don't worry about it. Just keep it over a clean cotton cloth or put it over your dresser in an upright position. It will dry out soon.

Note: Do not keep it in the bathroom as it might cause bacteria to grow on the surface of the brush making your skin worse. 

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Lots of Love!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing this product. I've been looking for something easy to use like this which is also effective. I have been struggling with blackheads and dry skin and this looks like a promising product. Looking forward to using it!

    1. It will surely help you. Just make sure to use it gently on your skin otherwise it might make it sensitive. Too much scrubbing is also a bad thing!


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