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Everyone loves to look good and feel good, so do I. Recently I was diagnosed with PCOS, early-stage so my doctor recommended that I should make some essential changes to my diet and lifestyle to keep a check on it. My weight suddenly went up making me slightly overweight and being a foodie this is not a good thing. I love myself and I love the food that I eat but for the sake of my health and body, I thought of making some changes in my health, trying to reduce weight by taking the Keto challenge. Trust me it is not easy doing Keto especially if you are vegetarian. After searching several stores and online websites in search of Keto friendly food suitable to my vegetarian diet, I found Ketofy.

For someone like me who loves to eat but wants to lose weight as well, this is not less than a boon. I was slightly sceptical about this but when I saw the ingredient list and that most of their food products had less than 5grams of carbs, I got a bunch of them. All the food products whether it is snacks, biscuits, chips or even the cookies are made with nut flour having sunflower, flaxseed, chia seed, peanuts, almonds, coconut and several other good gums and keto-friendly sweeteners. Let me show you what I got.

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Mini Keto 6 Snack Pack

Cost: Rs. 1399 for 6 snack packs

In this pack, you will get 250 grams each of Keto Bhujia, KEto Matthi, Keto Cookies, Keto Nut Cracker, Keto Jeera Biscuit and 3 pieces of Keto Breakfast bar.

Keto Matthi

Very spicy and crunchy, this matthi is my best tea time snack especially when I am craving for something spicy. Just two pieces of these are enough to fill you up.

Keto Jeera Biscuit

Another tea-time snack, jeera biscuit is filled with Indian flavours. You will not be able to tell that it is made with keto-friendly flours and has 3-4 grams of carbs in total.

Keto Breakfast bar

Just half of the bar is enough to fill me up with all the necessary nutrition and energy to start my day. I keep it in my handbag to munch on whenever I crave something. It has keto-friendly sweeteners so, fewer carbs!

Keto Bhujia

Do you crave for those spicy bhujias and namkeens? Well, this is your low carb solution. Very crunchy and spicy, these namkeens have a kick of black pepper and other Indian spices making them flavourful.

Keto cookies

These are for those days when you have a sweet tooth. Just one is enough to fill your macros and your tummy.

Keto Nut Crackers

Crunchy peanuts wrapped in spicy keto flour roasted without any oil, I munch on these whenever I want something spicy but not very filling. Also, I love to add these on my keto poha or keto uttapam to add a crunch to it.

Keto Dark Chocolate

Cost: Rs, 189 for 50gm

This keto-friendly dark chocolate is good but it is an acquired taste. Since it is free from any sugar or milk to dilute the bitterness of cocoa, I prefer to use it in keto smoothies or almond milk hot chocolates. If you love bitter dark chocolates, go for this.

Keto Choco Fudge Cookies

Cost: Rs 269 for 250grams

Very intense, soft and flavourful, these dark chocolate fudge cookies are a flavour bomb. First, it hits you with keto-friendly sweetness and then reveals bitterness of dark chocolate. I find them very filling as just one is enough for me.

Keto Chips

449 for 500 grams

Quite different from the conventional chips, these are very delicious and filled with nutty goodness and lots of Indian spices. When you are watching a movie or a game, and crave for something, just grab these and enjoy. I love to eat them with curd or avocado dips.

Keto Nachos

Cost: 284 for 250 grams

Did you ever think of getting nachos on the keto diet? And the best part is that you can add all the delicious toppings that are added on traditional nachos to enhance its taste or eat it with homemade salsa.

Keto Peanut Butter

Cost: Rs. 189 for 200 grams

Very creamy and delicious, this peanut butter goes well with everything. I love to make keto pancakes and crepes, spread it all over them and munch on.

My keto diet has become much easier with so many options to enjoy. I don't need to starve myself or feel deprived of anything. Moreover, these snacks are made by roasting them and are vegan so you do not need to worry at all.

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  1. Keto Nachos are looking very delicious...........I would like to buy Keto Nachos.

    1. They are not only looking delicious but they are actually very delicious. Go ahead and get them from and don't forget to use the discount voucher for 25% off.

  2. I tried few of them, it tastes better than normal snacks

    1. I loved all of them. They are so filling! If you buy again, use the discount voucher!


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