Reward Yourself Without Hurting Your Wallet + Free Printables

Creating your dream life doesn’t just happen the second you graduate high school or even college. You may constantly have to revisit what you really want to do in life, and how you can take baby steps when getting yourself there (while still dodging any distractions on the way). Even some of your biggest goals can sound easier than they are once you start to buckle down. 

When setting your goals, start attaching each to a reward and your actions may just become habits — this may just become your secret weapon. Some sources say it only takes 66 days to create, or break, a habit. Instead of only going to the gym once a week for a few hours, start going to the gym every day, even if it’s just to stretch out for instance. Over time, you may get comfortable enough with going to the gym that you may want to stay and workout for a longer time than you normally do. Follow these same steps with any goals you may have in mind and you may find yourself accomplishing more than you would have without mini celebrations along the way. 

Sometimes, setting your fitness goals isn’t the hard part, it’s staying consistent with them. Normally, you start out strong, eager to reach your goals. Then, you may experience some slight temptations and want to give in once things get a little tough — and challenges and rewards may just be the secret ingredient to avoiding just that. Rewarding yourself once you’ve completed a job well done allows you to celebrate your achievements, feel, and see the difference in your lifestyle. Once you have experienced the positive effects of checking off your goals, you may be ready to do it all over again. 

To get embark on your own goal-setting (and achieving) journey, download Mint’s reward setting printables to track and celebrate your big achievements. For more, check out our budget-friendly self-care ideas for a celebratory relaxing day at home.   

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