How to apply eye cream properly to look younger?

Eye creams are one of the most popular skincare products. A large number of women and men all around the world are using it to get the brightest eyes, but most of them are doing it the wrong way. To get the best out of eye creams or basically any skincare product, it is crucial to follow the right steps for application and understanding the needs of the skin. Today, I will tell you how to apply eye cream properly for those bright, young-looking, and wrinkle-free eyes!

Apply it on your orbital bone

One of the biggest mistakes we do while applying eye cream is to apply it directly under the lid and not around it. Starting from your orbital bone, or eye socket or from your cheekbones, apply the eye cream in an upward dabbing motion. Pick up a small amount of eye cream on your finger and dot it on around the orbital bone, from the inner to the outer corners of your eye area. It's also important to be careful with how you touch this sensitive skin.

Find the right eye cream

Depending on your skin type, you need to invest in a good eye cream. I have combination skin so I try to use a moisturising eye cream that can keep the skin under and over the eyes moisturized and soft. Also, I am in my late twenties so investing in an eye cream with anti-aging properties was a good choice.

If you have dry skin, go for the enriched creams which are heavy on the moisture as well as nutrition. For oily skin, gel-based eye creams or serum-based eye creams are the right options. If you have to work or study a lot, look for an eye cream with relaxing properties and cooling properties. Anti-aging properties is a must for every eye cream since it prevents dullness and wrinkles around your eyes. You need to first understand your skin needs to get the best cream.

Don't forget the upper eyelid

Although it is called under eye cream, doesn't mean that you should only apply it over there. Your upper eyelids also need attention since they are prone to get darkened and wrinkly faster as compared to the skin under the eye. Take a small amount of the eye cream and apply it all over the upper eyelid, around your nose bridge, and corners of the eye. This trick will keep your eyes looking fresh and brightened!

Dab the product, don't rub!

You are in a hurry and just want to get over your everyday skincare regime by applying the products quickly rubbing it all over the skin. If you have been doing this, trust me you are harming your skin and might even do it to a point of no return.

Our facial skin is quite sensitive and gentle, especially the one around the eyes. Rubbing and tugging on it will only give you wrinkles and puffiness with dark circles. Be gentle! The quickest way to work a skincare product into your skin isn't necessarily the best way to do it.

Take the product on your ring finger and middle finger and dab it into your skin until it is fully absorbed. Try to cover entire area around the orbital bone, under eyes, the upper eyelid, nose bridge, and corners of your eye with an upward dabbing motion.

This helps in relaxing your eyes, reduce pressure on them, brightening the skin around, and keeping the dark circles as well as wrinkles away.

Avoid using too much product

Some of us often use too much product in hopes of getting results faster. When it comes to skin, being steady is the key, not overusing stuff on it. Overusing the products will only make your skin oily and make you buy more, spending more. Most of the good eye creams are quite expensive, why use too much of it when you are going to get the results from the little amount.

I will advise you to follow the above-mentioned quantity for your eye cream as well as other skincare products to get the best results. Apply the cream every day, be gentle in your application and you will get the results.

When you should start applying eye cream?

This is a question, most of the women and girls ask about eye cream. According to me, Once your teen-age is over, applying eye cream should be an important part of your everyday skincare. The eye has the most sensitive skin around them which doesn't produce oil of its own so you need to provide it to them under and upper eye skin. The early you start the better it is for your eyes.

Apart from it, try to apply eye cream in your morning as well as an evening skincare routine. It is important!

I hope you loved these tips and will use them while applying your eye cream. Do share your views with us in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!