Trending Halloween Nail Art Designs

If you're already panicking about your costume for Halloween ('Do I want to be Stranger Things' Eleven or a Moschino doll, I just don't know anymore?'), stop worrying because your first port of call should be your nails.

When in doubt, start with your nails and work from there. Halloween make-up is next, obvs.

From ghoulish ghost-inspired manicures to bleeding talons, we've rounded up our favourite Halloween nail art trends that are sure to frighten your fellow creep-tastic party goers this season.

1.Glitter Slime

2. Trick Or Treat

3. In Stitches

4. Spiders

5. Fortune Teller But Make It Gucci

6. Python Print Talons

7. Lil' Ghosties

8. Evil Eyes

9. Constellations

10. Negative Space Stars

11. Creepy Crawlies

12. Phases Of The Moon

13. Negative Space Ghosts

Hope you enjoyed all these Halloween nail art designs!

Lots of Love!!!