NYBae Glitter Nail Polishes Review & Swatches Nail Art

Are you fond of glitter nail polishes and top coats? I like them too as they add an instant glow to your nails, jazzing them up with its glitter. Any boring looking nail polish can be jazzed up with some glitter and holographic effect to the nails. I added some new glitter nail polishes from NYBae Moonlight nail polish range to my collection.

In this collection, you will find some simple glitter top coats, metallic nail polishes and some holographic iridescent ones.

1. Central Park Moonlight
2. Hudson Moonlight 
3. Broadway Moonlight 
4. Park Avenue Moonlight 
5. Downtown Moonlight

Cost of each is Rs. 75 for 6ml

NYBae Park Avenue Moonlight

This is a cute looking glitter topcoat with various glitter particles. There are silver stripes of glitter, with iridescent holographic glitter particles mixed in clear base. Adds a nice effect to the nails.

Did you like this floral decal nail art, I did using this glitter topcoat?

NYBae Broadway Moonlight

This is an elegant looking glitter topcoat with red hexagons and silver smaller glitter particles mixed in clear base. Consistency is good for application with good glitter to base ratio. It dries up nicely as well.

How about using it as a topcoat on black and blue nail polish for that added effect.

NYBae Central Park Moonlight

This one is a very simple basic glitter nail polish. It takes a lot of time to dry out however, so not my favourite.

I did this elegant looking simple floral nail art using pastel grey nail polish and using this glitter nail polish as a topcoat.

NYBae Downtown Moonlight

It has a soft holographic effect to it. It also has very minute looking golden glitter particles, very fine-looking ones. Although this does not give any colour if applied directly to the nails, you can use it as a topcoat.

I did this cute looking rainbow nail art with this holographic nail polish.

NYBae Hudson Moonlight

This is a beautiful smooth silver metallic nail polish. It takes two coats for a smooth almost mirror-like finish. This looks so gorgeous!

I paired it up with this pastel nail art. You can try this or follow your own inspiration.

You can see all these nails over here in this video!
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Tell me your thoughts on all these and if you have tried any of the nail polishes from the collection.

Lots of Love!!!