NY Bae Textured Nail Polishes Review & Swatches Nail Art

Sugar textured nail polishes were quite a hit a few years back. An instant nail art, textured nail polishes were quick to dry and can give a nice manicured look on the go especially when you do not have time for doing your nails. Bringing that popular trend back, NYBae has launched textured nail polishes with Purplle.com. Here are some of my favourite ones that I recently got along with some cute nail art designs I have done using them.

Shades are:
1. Blueberry Sprinkles Sundae 
2. Gold Sprinkles Sundae 
3. Wine Sprinkles Sundae 
4. Figs Sprinkles Sundae 
5. Plum Yogurt Sprinkles Sundae


The cost of these nail polishes is Rs. 75 for 6ml. It is very budget-friendly and cost-effective for the given quality.

Plum Yogurt Sprinkles Sundae

This is a pretty pink kinda nail polish which you can wear on everyday basis even though it has sugar textured effect. With minute glitter particles, you will love to flaunt your manicured nails with this nail polish on them.

Wine Sprinkles Sundae 

One of my favourite shade from the collection, I really love the dark vamp vibes it has. Look at that colour. It just makes my nails pop. Pair it with a lipstick of similar shade.

Blueberry Sprinkles Sundae 

A nice blue shade with textured effect, this nail polish will add a pop of colour to your nails. It has a mix of blue and silver sparkles for added effect.

Figs Sprinkles Sundae 

This is another of my favourite nail polish from this collection. It has a dual colour tone vibe to it. A mix of Violet, blue and purple, this nail polish looks really pretty on the nails. 2 coats will give you even finish.

 Gold Sprinkles Sundae 

This is a very subtle gold-tone textured nail polish. It has champagne kinda vibe to it. I really love fine sprinkles of gold in this nail polish. It dries uo pretty fast on the nails and can last for about 2-3 days.

You can see the entire collection over here in this Youtube video.

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