Black Panther Inspired Nails: Slay All Through Wakanda

Black Panther is one movie which has created a stir across the world. Not just the movie critics, but the audience all around the world are appreciating and applauding it. A movie with fine acting, amazing graphics and action, you can enjoy it anytime. People across the world are praising it for bringing the Black community, their talent in the most amazing manner. It is a known fact that Hollywood has not been giving a fair chance to Black actors by offering them side rolls with just a couple of lines or the classic comic roll of the funny friend.

Bringing out their talent in the most fierce way, Black Panther is just amazing. Black Panther is a film beyond the average superhero movie. There's an interesting and well plotted story with themes of family loyalty and community responsibility. It is witty and exciting and very entertaining. I think a family would enjoy this film and have a lot to talk about after. Especially positive is the representation of Black heroes, both male and female, which is all too rare in media. The female characters are strong and smart and important to the plot. 

Celebrating the same spirit, here are some of the finest nail art ideas inspired by Black Panther and its characters. 

Unleashing the spirit of Wakanda

Instagram/Polished In Portland

Fight scene between T'Challa and Killmonger on one hand and Wakandan warrior Nakia on the other.

Using fabric of African shirt to recreate the Black Panther magic on nails

Simply gorgeous jeweled nails inspired by Black Panther

Black Panther nail art with a glow in dark feel...

Black Panther nail art inspired by the costumes of each character

Got short nails? No worries

Black Panther nails inspired by Spiritual Wakandan warrior Zuri 

If you are mesmerized by these, here are some more Black Panther inspired nails for you!

Be a part of this amazing movie by applying these fabulous Black Panther nail art ideas.

Lots of Love!!!