10 Nail Art Designs Done Using Household Items

Nail art lovers can go overboard with anything related to nails. From using high-end nail art tool to something as simple as a sponge or scotch tape, we have done it all. For a nail art beginner, who loves to try nail art but feels sceptical about paying a lot for nail art tools, I have here Nail art designs done using household items. It may seem like a surprise to you, but your house is full of things which you can use for creating fabulous nail art designs on your tiny canvases. All you have to do is, let your imagination flow.

This series of household items for nail art by Cutepolish is my favourite. You can find rest of the Nail Art Done Using Household Items over here. Let’s start with today’s tutorial!

Here are the products that were used in creating 10 nail art designs.

  • Pueen - Liquid Latex Nail Tape
  • Adesse - Ultra Suede Matte Top Coat
  • CND - Stickey Base Coat
  • China Glaze - Gotta Go Top Coat
  • OPI - Alpine Snow
  • Ella & Mila - I Pink I Love You
  • Salon Perfect - Tropical Hideaway
  • Jessica - Fashionably Late
  • Sally Hansen - Re-teal Therapy
  • Sally Hansen - Game of Chromes
  • Kiara Sky - Cotton Kisses
  • Ginger & Liz - I'm So Over Him
  • Le Chat - Crescent Halo
  • OPI - My Car Has Navy-gation
  • Floss Gloss - Wave Pool
  • Fingerpaints - If It's Not Brucke, Don't Fix It
  • Ginger & Liz - Control Freak
  • Ginger & Liz - No Shade
  • Le Chat – Heartthrob

Hope you loved the tutorial and will try out all the nail art designs done using household items as nail art tools.

Lots of Love!!!