Adorable Easter Nail Art Ideas That Are Easy To Make

Easter is the truly inspirational opportunity for every nail art lover. Happy pastels, bright colours, adorable prints, cute bunnies, and what not can be your main theme for a perfect easter manicure. From bare pastel nails to freehand pattern, you can create whatever you like.While showing your creativity in painting those easter eggs, you can take out time for colouring your little nails into the colours of the spring season with a hint of easter. It doesn't need to be a perfectly carved out nail art with fine detailing. Just let your inner soul pour out in the colours of Spring.

If you are looking for cute and adorable easter nail art inspirations, we have some here for you.

The Robin's Egg

The best inspiration for simple yet gorgeous nail art for Easter and spring season is the robin's egg. Instead of painting your nails in the classic colour, paint them with pastels, each nail having its own colour. You can use the glitter top coat or clear top coat with black polka dots in it for creating the spots. It is is very easy to create and yet looks fabulous.

If you wish to go a little overboard, you can also use any other spring friendly bright colour and add little fibre pompoms on the nails for a 3-dimensional makeover. Just like the one showing here!

In case, all these seem to be a little too much, go the traditional way with classic blue robin's egg colour and top it with fine gold foil top coat.

Adorable Bunny Nails

Be traditional and use pastel colours for creating cute bunnies on your nails. A little freehand pattern detailing on all the nails with the light background will really show your work of art.

Credits: Kelsie's Nail Files

Instead of freehand pattern details, you can also create polka dots using light and dark shades of one colour. Combining pastel colours with their darker counterparts will work best.

Credits: Viickiiemarko

You can also take inspiration from gummy bunnies and create some freehand bunnies on your nails, just like the sweet confectionary. Make lots of them!

This cute bunny nail art is a must for the easter!

Spring-tastic Pastel Easter Nails

Credit: Sonailicious

If you love pastel colours, create easter nail arts using various patterns. You can use gingham patterns, zigzag, stripes, checks, checkerboard or polka dots in whites and pastel shades.

You can also use pastel colours with polka dots for easy yet gorgeous easter nails.

This freehand easter print is easy and perfect for the beginners. You do not need to match the pattern, but just use it as inspiration and create your own pattern. Be crazy!

Pastel Floral Spring Nails for Easter

Pastel floral nails look gorgeous especially if you do them right. Mix and match floral prints with negative space and accent nails.

You can also use water decals for creating floral details.

If you loved all these easter nail art ideas, try them and share your reviews with me in the comments below.

Lots of Love!!!