Things you are doing wrong when removing Gel Polish

Gel nail polishes are perfect if you want to have flawless manicures. they look effortless on nails and last for really long time. But the real problem comes while taking it off. If you are too harsh while removing it, it can cause damage to the top layers of the nail leaving it look dull. Some gel nail polish removing skills can also cause permanent damage to the nails, making them weak and brittle.

It is always suggested that you visit a professional to remove it, but with right skills and tools, you can remove gel nail polish at home too. Check out these 5 things that you have been doing wrong while removing gel nail polish and how you can remove it properly without causing any damage to your nails, in this tutorial.

Keep your nails looking healthy and smooth with no sign of damage by taking care of it properly. You can use every type of nail polish on your nails but remember the right way to remove it.

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