How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Properly

Liquid eyeliners can be a little intimidating but it brings out the best features and curves of the eye. Whether you want edgy look or a sleek well defined one, bold definition or the elegant one, liquid eyeliners can do it for you in a jiffy, given you handle it properly!

When you want to have well defined eyes, liquid eyeliner is your go to tool any day. When I first used it, it was a little or to tell the truth a lot scary for me. M hands were not steady enough to draw the line and when I perfectly drew on my right hand side, it was a nightmare to draw similar one on the left. always ended up with Panda eyes.. If you know what I mean...

I decided to master this art coz the line drawn using a kohl liner or crayon was never satisfactory. I always ended up with smudged eyeliner. For all the ladies out there who love liquid eyeliner but feel scared to use it, here are some tips for you!

Why liquid eyeliners are better than pencil or crayon ones?

It’s a headliner
Eyeliner keeps eyes looking alert and lashes appearing thick and lush. And with a kaleidoscope of colors and calligraphic nib tips, liquid liners offer a multitude of artful effects.

It’s durable
Not only are liquid eyeliners long-wearing, most are water- and smudge-proof.

Simple Tips to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Scotch tape

This one is for those ladies who are not able to keep a steady hand & want to have wing eyeliner. You can take a small portion of scotch tape and stick it on the edge of your eye where you want your wings to go. Just draw around it and take the scotch tape off once it has dried partially.

Business card

You can also use a business card for drawing wings just follow the same steps as scotch tape. Hold the card as a marker and draw around its lines. 


Close and relax one eye at a time. Gently pull up on the lid to ensure a taut, flat surface. With the hand that’s holding the liner, anchor the pinkie finger on your face, or prop your elbow on a solid surface. This helps steady your movements.

Stencil it

You can find several eyeliner stencils in the market now in every beauty section of drugstore or online on Amazon. Get them, use them and enjoy a perfect wing eye every single day!

Connect the dots

Instead of painting one long swoop, draw short dashes along the lash line, then bridge the gaps. This ensures more control and a more accurate line. Make sure to give the formula a good 30 seconds to dry before opening your eye.

Practice makes perfect

Your first try may look like you went head-to-head with a Sharpie. That’s to be expected. Fix it with cotton swabs and makeup remover, and rest assured your technique will improve with each subsequent attempt.

First to do the Left one!
This one I can swear by. Now when I have learned to use a liquid eyeliner and can do a pretty good job with it, it is still dreading to apply on the left eye. So, I started working on the left eye first and match my right eye with it, which is far easier. You can give it a try too.

Stay relaxed while doing it!

Before working with liquid eyeliner, take a deep breath and relax. It detects your fear!

Never draw with liquid eyeliner when you are in super hurry or jittery or having a bad mood coz it will make it even worse. Think of it like a therapy session where you have to concentrate on just one thing and only one thing at a time. I know it sounds weird but trust me, this is how you handle the liquid eyeliner. You need to tell it whose the boss here!

I hope these tips will come in handy when you will draw with liquid eyeliner next time. Drop in your views about this liquid eyeliner tutorial in comment section below!

Lots of Love!!!