Easy nail art designs done with household items

Ever thought of using that tooth pick to get perfect manicure? or that eye shadow sponge? or that masking tape?

It might sound weird to some of you, but it is absolutely possible to get a creative nail art or manicure using these things and many others in your house. I did a blog on Nail art designs that you can make using various household items lying in your house previously, you can check it out. Today I am back with second blog. There are so many common household items which you can easily use to create great nail art designs without using expensive nail art tools.

Here is a tutorial that will show you how to use different things lying in your house to get that perfect nail art you always wanted. Let's get started!


CND - Stickey Top Coat 

Londontown Kur - Gel Genius Top Coat 

Serendipity - #GoalDigger 

LVX - Viola 

KBShimmer - Such a Vlad 

Sally Hansen - Rockstar Pink 

Dermelect - Unscripted 

Deborah Lippmann - Wow 

Floss Gloss - Faded 

OCC - Pagan 

OPI - Champagne for Breakfast 

OPI - Super Cute in Pink

If you want to make your own nail art tools, Click on these below:

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Lots of Love!!!