Nature's Essence Oxyfair Oxygen Bleach: Review

Summers are here with scorching heat and the fear of getting tanned the moment you step outside. I am not someone who loves to cover my face and arms for protection from sun, but I will use a good sunscreen and all kinds of tan removal methods afterwards. I don't like getting tanned, especially that super dark toasted kind of look.

Using bleach during summer season is a monthly ritual for me. I have tried a couple of bleach brands including VLCC, Fem and Dabur out of all, only the oxy bleaches seem to work on me. My favorite of all is Dabur oxylife bleach giving me perfect desired results.

Since it was not available, I thought of stepping out of my comfort zone and try Nature's Essence Oxyfair Oxygen Bleach which is said to be herbal and good for skin. Let's go ahead with review.

According To The Brand

Active oxygen rich, mili capsules based Bleach Cream for healthy & glowing skin. Ideal for dull, old & sagging skin. Comes with a pre bleach cream to give advanced bleaching. Oxy Bleach is oxygenated skin bleach which helps the skin to breath; as it takes water and lipids into the skin. It gives hydrating, glowing and smooth texture to the skin, thereby bleaching dead skin and exposed patch areas.

Cost: Rs 65 for 50 grams

You can also buy it in another variant of 258 grams for Rs. 250

Pack Contains

The package is consists of Cream Bleach, Activator Powder, Lacto Bleach, Instruction manual and a Spatula Applicator. Everything is nicely tucked in the rectangular box. What intrigued me was the difference of illustration on the package. The large box of 258 grams has a different checkerboard design and this one is simpler one with water bubbles on it.


  • Cream Bleach: Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Activator Powder: Ammonia bicarbonate

  • Lacto Bleach: Milk, Honey, Geranium Oil


  • Wash the face with plain water and pat dry.
  • Apply the layer of lacto bleach on the face and neck and leave for 5 minutes. Now, clean with water.
  • Its action prepares the skin for bleaching.
  • Mix well Oxyfair with activator powder in the ratio of 1 portion of activator to 4 portions of cream enough for the desired area’s application.
  • Apply the mixture on the area to be bleached.
  • Allow application as per table mentioned in instruction manual

My Take

To be fair for the sake of review, I followed the instructions mentioned in the manual exactly as it said using the right quantity and steps. However, to my surprise I did not get any result. I have a bit sensitive skin but since it as a herbal product, it should not harm my skin. The Lacto bleach for tan removal and pre bleaching, left my skin dry. If you have tried Fair and Lovely, you can understand this feeling of weird powdery dryness.

I left the bleach on for 17 minutes which is 2 minutes extra than mentioned for fair skin, yet, it did not worked as it said. My skin was left dry and itchy. It did not stung my skin which is normal during bleaching except a little tingling sensation. I generally use the bleach for tan removal and lightening my facial hair, but they were exactly the same as before. So it you are planning to use it to lighten your facial hair, do not expect a lot from the bleach. 


  • Slight glow
  • Decently priced with good quantity
  • Easily available
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Herbal


  • No Bleaching effect on facial hair
  • Leaves skin dry and itchy
  • Lacto bleach does not seem to work
  • Waste of money if you have high expectation.
  • Tub packaging is unhygienic

If you have tried  Nature's Essence Oxyfair Oxygen Bleach do share your views and experience with me. Also, if it worked for you, how you used it,

Lots of Love!!!


  1. Yeah.. i tried it.. didn't work for me too...

  2. Its cheap... I think i can try it at least once!

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    1. That's amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


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