Marble Nail Art Using A Stamper: DIY

Are you in love with marble nail art? But doing the water marble nail art is a bit of mess for you? Well, you are not the only one. Many of us, including me love marble nail art but find it a bit messy while doing so, and let's not talk about the clean up process. 

Making our life easier, now we have The Stamper!

Credits: TheNailasaurus

It is rather easy to use a stamper for creating the marble effect on nails, instead of dipping your nails in water. Let's go through the steps. 


Credits: Franails

1. Roll out on a smooth surface a coat of white enamel, before it dries put the drops of black and gray nail polish of your choice.
2. Pull the color with a dotter
3. Press over your stmping that will combine at will the colors forming a marble effect
4. Stamp on nails!
5. Apply a shiny or matte top coat for different effects!

Here are few Marble Stone Nail Art Ideas for you to try....

You can also have a look at this video tutorial done by The Nailasaurus

Hope you loved the tutorial and will be trying it out soon!

Lots of Love!!!


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