Inspiration nail art- Brands that pop on nails!

I love sweet treats. Chocolates, M&Ms, Oreo, a bite into the donuts and a nibble on the milk chocolate is a must for me. They not only inspire my sweet tooth but also work as a source of inspiration for me to do something different on my nails. 

Over here, I have compiled some inspiration nail art for you. Not just chocolates and biscuits, but some other brands as well!

Have a look at these yummy nail arts!

Time for a chocolate!

Oreo oh oreo!


It is a beautiful donut!

Nike, Just do it!

Wanna have a lick? Ice cream nails

Time to recahrge some energy with Gatorade!

Amazon green tea inspiration for these cherry blossoms!

Every girl's dream, MAC

Sour then sweet, Sour Patch!


Mountain dew! Do the dew!

Inspiration can come from anywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open. I hope, you enjoyed these nail arts and they inspired you to try some of them on your nails.

Lots of Love!!!